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If you own a home, then you are almost certainly going to come across your fair share of spiders. Spiders tend to live near humans because of the wide variety of bugs and other pests that tend to follow humans wherever they go. For the most part, spiders are prolific hunters and they utilize one of nature’s most special gifts to do so: the ability to spin a web out of a silk material that is proportionally many times stronger than steel. However, despite how amazing spiders can be, they are also intimidating, and some venomous species can cause painful bites that could potentially be dangerous to your health or the health of pets and young children. If you’re tired of spiders invading your home, don’t hesitate to call the pros at Ridd Pest Control.

Ridd Pest Control understands how frustrating a spider problem is, and we offer experienced, premium solutions that thoroughly eliminate your issue. We know spider behavior, and we work to not only eliminate the factors that entice spiders in the first place, but work with you to help you recognize what brings spiders in so they’re eliminated for good. All of our products have been tested in real-world applications and been proven to be effective for the problems we are targeting. Likewise, our highly trained technicians have the skills, knowledge, and ability to maximize the effectiveness of these products to eliminate your problem for good.

Sick of the spider problem causing you stress and frustration? Call Ridd Pest Control at (833) 372-1850or send us a message online today and let us handle the issue for you.

We Service All Types of Spiders

Spiders are as diverse and varied as humans are, if not more so. Thousands of species of spider are commonly found throughout the United States, and dozens, if not hundreds might be in your immediate area. Because every spider species is different and has different characteristics and behaviors, Ridd Pest Control understands that the key to an effective and long-lasting treatment is customizing the treatment to each customer’s needs, and we carefully analyze your home in order to develop a plan that will fix your issues for good.

We offer spider control for all types of spiders, including:

  • Cellar spiders
  • Grass spiders
  • House spiders
  • Jumping spiders
  • Trapdoor spiders
  • Wolf spiders
  • Yellow sac spiders
  • Black widows
  • False black widows

Spiders come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some are so small they can be difficult to see without a magnifying glass. Others can be as large or even larger than a U.S. half-dollar coin, and some can get even larger than that!

However, virtually all spiders play an important role in our environment: they help control other bug populations. A web is more than just a home for a spider—it’s also a food supply resource. Much the same way a fishing net provides food in the form of fish, a spider’s web acts as a sticky, inescapable net that the spider uses to trap bugs like flies, mosquitos, moths, and more. Once stuck in the web, the spider quickly descends on its prey and neutralizes it, either saving it for later so it can feed over time or eliminating it to consume it right away. Because of their incredible ability to eliminate large numbers of bugs, spiders are actually good to have around your property in some cases.

However, here at Ridd Pest Control, we understand not wanting to have spiders constantly crawling around your home. They’re unsettling, intimidating, and unpleasant to live around. We not only eliminate the spider problem you do have but we can even help you keep further problems at bay with ongoing treatment and protection that actively keeps spiders outside where they belong.

Stop the stress of your spider problem by contacting the pros at Ridd Pest Control today.

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