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When we say mosquitos are a global problem, we aren’t overstating it. Mosquitos are found on every inhabited continent, and have been responsible for spreading many of the worst viruses and diseases our planet has ever seen. Diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, Malaria, and plenty of others have all originated from and been spread by mosquitos and their tendency to feast on the proteins in our blood. If mosquitos have invaded your property, not only can they be an obnoxious problem that prevents you from enjoying your time outdoors, but they can even be a potential risk to your health. That’s why it’s always a good idea to remain one step ahead of mosquitos and learn more about our mosquito treatment options from Ridd Pest Control.

Here at Ridd Pest Control, we take your mosquito problem seriously. Not only are our technicians experienced in working with mosquitos, but we know how to effectively target them to eliminate them where they live. That means targeting their nesting sites and working with you to recognize potential factors that could increase the mosquito population in the future. Every treatment is performed using premium products that are safe for use around your home and friendly for the environment to minimize impact while effectively dealing with your issue. And of course, every service is backed by a full satisfaction guarantee that puts you and your home first.

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The Down Low on Mosquitos

Almost everybody knows what it’s like to be bit by a mosquito—it leaves an annoying, itchy welt on your skin that remains for several days. While the majority of mosquito bites don’t have any further impact beyond this, some mosquitos can still carry illnesses, viruses, and diseases that threaten your health and well-being. While disease control and local governments work hard to control potentially affected mosquito populations, fully preventing these problems is an impossible task. For this reason, we recommend comprehensive mosquito treatment services that target mosquito nests.

Mosquito nests are typically found in the following areas:

  • Standing water. Mosquitos need a source of moisture for their eggs to mature, so they will often lay them in puddles or standing water sources, particularly polluted sources.
  • Areas heavy in carbon dioxide. Mosquitos are decomposers and are drawn to carbon dioxide. Decomposing food waste in a trash bin, pet waste, or outdoor animal cages tend to draw a lot of mosquito attention.
  • Areas protected from sunlight. Mosquitos do require protection from harmful solar radiation, so they love to build their nests in sheltered areas away from direct sunlight. Look for standing water under overhanging plant leaves.

While mosquitos may seem like a nuisance and nothing more, they do play a key role in our ecosystem. They are part of the decomposition process, meaning they are a factor in helping dead organisms break down and return to the earth. They also serve as a key food source for other predators like spiders, mantises, fish, lizards, and frogs. There are thousands of species of mosquito in the world, including dozens that are frequently found throughout North America. However, we can guarantee one thing: you have never been bitten by a male mosquito. Only female mosquitos consume blood, and they do this to acquire proteins which they use to create eggs that hatch into more mosquitos.

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