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What types of services do you offer?
We offer a wide range of services including:
  • General Pest control (ants, spiders, wasps, silverfish, earwigs, beetles, flies, and hundreds of other related species).

  • Fire Ant Control

  • Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Control

  • Snake Control

  • Termite Prevention

  • Mole Control

  • Rodent & Vole Control

  • German Roach Extermination

  • Carpenter Bee Treatments

  • Vehicle Infestations

  • Exclusion Work (on-site quotes only)

What areas do you service?

  • Tampa, FL

  • Orlando, FL

  • Gainesville, FL

  • Jacksonville, FL

  • Destin, FL

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Augusta, GA

  • Savannah, GA

  • Charleston, SC

  • Columbia, SC

  • Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Wilmington, NC

  • Raleigh, NC

  • Charlotte, NC

  • Virginia Beach, VA

  • Salt Lake City, UT

With these locations, if you are within a couple of hours of these cities, there's a good chance we can take care of you for any pest control exterminating services. Give us a call at 833-378-0537.

What types of services do you NOT offer?

We currently don't offer services for:
  • Active termite infestations

  • Bed bugs

  • Wildlife

What is the customer service number?
Can I text you guys?

Yes, we have a text line that operates during normal business hours. The number is 385-374-1045.

Are the treatments safe for children and pets?

Yes. All the products we have meticulously vetted and chosen are pet and kid-friendly.

How long does a typical service take?

It depends on the service and the issues your home is dealing with. You can expect our technicians on a routine preventive service to spend at least 20 minutes at your home. Some services take up to an hour and a half if not longer. We strive to give every home the time and care it deserves!

Do you offer one time-services?

Yes, we do. In rare circumstances, some homes may only need one treatment but in most cases, our customers will treat pest control like a utility bill and have ongoing service to maintain their property to ensure a pest-free home year-round!

What preparation is needed before treatment?

For most treatments, nothing! We keep the service as streamlined as possible for our customers so we don't "bug" you. Occasionally with infestations, we may ask you to do some prep work. It will allow our service professionals to be more efficient and effective with our services!

How long will it take to see results?
Results vary depending on the type of service. With most services, you should see results within a few days. Some treatments may need additional follow-up visits to eradicate any lingering issues. Remember, we are on the same team. We want to keep the bugs away just as much as you do!
Is there a guarantee for your services?

Yes. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will come out at no additional charge between your maintenance treatments as needed. It is common to see random issues pop up due to different climates, demographics, and infestations.

What is the cost of your services?

We have a range of programs depending on what each home is dealing with but our packages start at $45/month for our general pest control services.

Are your technicians certified, background checked, and trained?
Yes, all of our technicians as part of the onboarding process are background checked They also receive all required certifications, licenses, and training across the individual states we serve to provide you with quality pest control treatment plans.
What should I do if pests return after treatment?

It is common to briefly see an uptick in pest activity after treatment as we disrupt colonies nesting on the property. If pests persist for more than 10 days, please call us at 833-378-0537 or text us at 385-374-1045 and we will get you back on the schedule for an additional treatment to resolve any issues you may be dealing with.

Do you offer emergency pest control services?
We try our best to offer same-day services. Most of our customers receive care within 24 hours.
Can you provide references or reviews from past customers?

We have over 10,000+ reviews on Google. That is where we have spent a lot of our focus trying to generate the most genuine reviews from our customers so please check us out there and leave a review if you have any feedback. We are always trying to improve and value your input!

Do you treat commercial properties?

Yes, we treat commercial properties for pest control services. Please call us at 833-378-0537 and we can get you a custom quote built out for what your business, restaurant, office, etc. might need!

Do you offer exclusions?

Yes. Based on your location, we most likely offer professional exclusion work for structural repairs due to pest damage.

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