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At Ridd Pest Control, we're dedicated to building enduring bonds within our community, committed to exceeding expectations, and delivering swift results. With our customer-centric ethos guiding every pest control services at every home, you can rely on us for transparent and honest services. Our service pro's will always inspect your home to ensure you are being treated for the right pest issues! There's never a wrong time to reach out to our Gainesville-based pest control experts at Ridd Pest Control!

What Others are Saying

This was our first pest treatment with RIDD. We've had 2 other pest control companies and RIDD is far and away the best! [Our technician] was on time, professional and thorough! He went above and beyond. He sent us a text before he arrived, when he arrived and after he finished. He explained everything he did and took photos of what he did and included a few of our caterpillars to show that they weren't harmed. We protect our caterpillars and bees. He added a notation in our account to be careful not to harm them! He is fantastic! Thank you RIDD. We look forward to continuing our service with you!!

Linda B.

Incredible. Very professional, took care of everything that was needed. He was very good at communicating and did an excellent job at treating the home!

Jace S.

Great service, we have needed multiple treatments to treat our issue and ridd is quick to get us scheduled and taken care of. [Our technician] is professional and always keeps us updated on time of visits.

Mary P.

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Eave Sweep

Eave Sweep

 Our RIDD Pros treat the eaves and window sills of your home with a large Webster pole that extends up to 25 feet to get to hard-to-reach areas where wasps, spiders, and other bugs nest. This also ensures your home looks bug-free!

Barrier Spray

Barrier Spray

We do a 6-foot power spray around the foundation of your home. We treat 3 feet up and 3 feet out with a water-resistant product to keep your home bug-free regardless of the weather!



We use a spreader to place a granular bait 10-15 feet around the home. This barrier acts like a moat to keep bugs from nesting near your home!

Mosquito Fog

Mosquito Fog

With our mosquito program, our service pros fog the entire property, leaving a thin mist of product on shrubs, foliage, and grass to reduce tick, flea, and mosquito activity! This way you can enjoy your yard!

Crack & Crevice

Crack & Crevice

We use a handheld pump to treat any cracks, crevices, & gaps around the foundation of the home with a dust which helps prevent bugs from nesting in the foundation and working their way inside.

Yard Inspection

Yard Inspection

Our Pest Experts thoroughly inspect the property for any signs of activity on your property. They also educate on any helpful tips and tricks for decreasing pest activity on your property!

Say Goodbye to Pests With Our Top-Notch Services

Pests may be an inevitable aspect of life, but surrendering to them is not your only option. With the seasoned expertise of RIDD Pest Control, keeping bugs and rodents at bay becomes effortless. Our experienced team proudly provides a diverse range of premium services tailored to address both ongoing pest issues and preventive treatments aimed at safeguarding your home. We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee, instilling total peace of mind in trusting your pest concerns to us.

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Our Pest Control Services in Gainesville

Dealing with a pest problem is nobody's idea of fun. It can be a challenging and time-consuming ordeal that significantly impacts the entire family. That's where Ridd Pest Control steps in to be your trusted partner in managing all things pest-related. We work swiftly to minimize disruptions to your daily life. Our exterminators are committed to tackling pests, from minor nuisances to severe infestations, ensuring your property is pest-free. Equipped to handle homes of all sizes, our pest control team stays abreast of the latest industry techniques. Whether you require exclusion, extermination, removal, or cleanup services, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring you never face this ordeal alone.

Services Offered:

  • Ant control

  • Tick and flea control

  • Wasp and hornet control

  • Spider control

  • Earwig control

  • Silverfish control

  • Roach control

  • Mosquito control

  • Mole control

  • Vole and rodent control

  • Termite Prevention

  • Snake control

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Signs of a Roach Infestation

  1. Fecal Droppings: Small, dark droppings that resemble ground coffee or black pepper, often found in kitchen cabinets, drawers, or along baseboards.

  2. Smear Marks: Grease marks or dark smudges along walls, floors, or surfaces where cockroaches frequently travel.

  3. Egg Casings: Cockroach egg cases, known as oothecae, are often found in hidden, dark areas such as behind appliances or in cracks and crevices.

  4. Unusual Odor: Cockroach infestations can produce a musty or oily odor that becomes more noticeable as the infestation grows.

  5. Live Roaches: Spotting live cockroaches, especially during the daytime, is a clear indication of an infestation.

  6. Shed Skins: Cockroaches shed their exoskeletons as they grow, leaving behind empty shell casings in areas they frequent.

  7. Nocturnal Activity: Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, so seeing them scurrying around at night is common in infested areas.

  8. Damage to Items: Cockroaches may cause damage to food packaging, books, or other materials as they forage for food or seek shelter.

  9. Nesting Sites: Cockroaches prefer dark, moist areas for nesting, such as behind sinks, in cabinets, or under appliances.

  10. Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may experience allergic reactions or respiratory issues due to cockroach allergens, which can exacerbate in the presence of an infestation.

If you notice any of the signs above, we highly encourage you to contact our professional pest control experts as soon as possible to get the situation inspected and properly taken care of. Leaving a roach infestation unnoticed can lead to a large nest which could leave the home uninhabitable.

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