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Our motto is "Service Above All." While using safe and eco-friendly products, we still strive for effective pest control by professionals that can promptly fix and control any pest control needs you may have.

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As our valued customer, we understand your expectation for exceptional service, and we are committed to meeting this standard. Our objective extends beyond mere service provision—we aim to establish a partnership where you can rely on us to assist you with the toughest challenges you face as a homeowner.

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Experienced Local Pest Control Pros

At Ridd Pest Control, we take your pest concerns seriously. Should you discover pests encroaching upon your yard or home, rely on our experts for prompt and efficient service. By using the highest-quality products, our team is adept at resolving any pest issue, regardless of its severity. Whether you seek preventive measures or assistance with an existing infestation, we're here to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

  1. Quality products: Our team is passionate about taking care of your home and family, which is why we always use the most reliable pest control products out there. Our products are proven to eliminate your every pest problem.

  2. Eco-friendly processes: Our methods and products have undergone extensive testing to ensure they are safe for your home, family, and pets.

  3. A 100% satisfaction guarantee: We are so confident in our ability to deliver top-quality service that we back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you ever experience issues in between your regularly scheduled appointments, you can count on us to take care of them right away.

What Others are Saying

This was our first pest treatment with RIDD. We've had 2 other pest control companies and RIDD is far and away the best! [Our technician] was on time, professional and thorough! He went above and beyond. He sent us a text before he arrived, when he arrived and after he finished. He explained everything he did and took photos of what he did and included a few of our caterpillars to show that they weren't harmed. We protect our caterpillars and bees. He added a notation in our account to be careful not to harm them! He is fantastic! Thank you RIDD. We look forward to continuing our service with you!!

Linda B.

Incredible. Very professional, took care of everything that was needed. He was very good at communicating and did an excellent job at treating the home!

Jace S.

Great service, we have needed multiple treatments to treat our issue and ridd is quick to get us scheduled and taken care of. [Our technician] is professional and always keeps us updated on time of visits.

Mary P.

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Eave Sweep

Eave Sweep

 Our RIDD Pros treat the eaves and window sills of your home with a large Webster pole that extends up to 25 feet to get to hard-to-reach areas where wasps, spiders, and other bugs nest. This also ensures your home looks bug-free!

Barrier Spray

Barrier Spray

We do a 6-foot power spray around the foundation of your home. We treat 3 feet up and 3 feet out with a water-resistant product to keep your home bug-free regardless of the weather!



We use a spreader to place a granular bait 10-15 feet around the home. This barrier acts like a moat to keep bugs from nesting near your home!

Mosquito Fog

Mosquito Fog

With our mosquito program, our service pros fog the entire property, leaving a thin mist of product on shrubs, foliage, and grass to reduce tick, flea, and mosquito activity! This way you can enjoy your yard!

Crack & Crevice

Crack & Crevice

We use a handheld pump to treat any cracks, crevices, & gaps around the foundation of the home with a dust which helps prevent bugs from nesting in the foundation and working their way inside.

Yard Inspection

Yard Inspection

Our Pest Experts thoroughly inspect the property for any signs of activity on your property. They also educate on any helpful tips and tricks for decreasing pest activity on your property!

Pest Experts

Pest Experts

All of our service pros are properly licensed, trained, & background checked in order to provide you with the best of the best!

Say Goodbye to Pests With Our Top-Notch Services

Pests may be an inevitable aspect of life, but surrendering to them is not your only option. Entrusting your pest control needs to the seasoned team at RIDD Pest Control makes keeping bugs and rodents out of your house a simple task. We take pride in offering a wide range of premium services tailored to address both ongoing pest issues and preventive treatments designed to keep problems at bay. With our commitment to your satisfaction and our unwavering confidence in our work, you can rest assured that your pest concerns are in capable hands, providing you with total peace of mind.

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Our Pest Control Services in Augusta

Services Offered:

  • Ant control

  • Tick and flea control

  • Wasp and hornet control

  • Spider control

  • Earwig control

  • Silverfish control

  • Roach control

  • Mosquito control

  • Mole control

  • Vole and rodent control

  • Termite Prevention

  • Snake control

Don't settle for anything less than the stellar service you deserve. Turn to Ridd Pest Control, and rest assured that your home is in the hands of the most qualified and dedicated pest control specialists out there.

Is Paying For An Exterminator Worth It?

If you need an exterminator, paying for one is worth it. A professional exterminator has the tools, experience and expertise to professionally remove any pests you may be dealing with in your home. Exterminators can help answer any question you may have and help you with preventing future infestations.

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Signs of Termite Issues

  1. Mud Tubes: Subterranean termites often build mud tubes along foundation walls, concrete supports, or wooden structures as sheltered pathways.

  2. Wood Damage: Look for hollowed or damaged wood, particularly in areas prone to moisture such as basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Termites consume wood from the inside out, leaving a thin veneer of wood or paint on the surface.

  3. Discarded Wings: Swarmers, or reproductive termites, shed their wings after mating. Finding discarded wings near windowsills, doors, or light fixtures may indicate the presence of a termite colony.

  4. Frass: Drywood termites push out fecal pellets, known as frass, from their tunnels. Accumulations of small, wood-colored pellets around infested areas may indicate termite activity.

  5. Sagging Floors or Ceilings: Severe termite damage can compromise the structural integrity of wooden floors, ceilings, or support beams, leading to noticeable sagging or buckling.

  6. Cracked or Bubbling Paint: Termites may cause paint to crack or bubble as they tunnel through walls or wooden surfaces underneath.

  7. Clicking Sounds: Soldier termites may bang their heads against wood or shake their bodies to communicate, producing faint clicking sounds that are sometimes audible near infested areas.

  8. Tight-Fitting Doors or Windows: Swarming termites may enter your home through small cracks or openings, causing doors or windows to suddenly become difficult to open or close.

  9. Hollow Sound: Tap on wooden surfaces suspected of termite activity. If the wood sounds hollow, it may indicate termite damage within.

  10. Piles of Wings: After a termite swarm, you may find piles of discarded wings near windows, doors, or other entry points.

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