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Earwig Control

Keeping Pincher Bugs Away from your Home

Also known as “pincher bugs” because of the pincher-shaped spines on their back-ends, earwigs certainly look a lot more intimidating than they typically are. Earwigs are not venomous, not aggressive, and aren’t even known for spreading disease and illnesses like flies, fleas, or ticks. While most species of earwigs do have a pair of leathery wings, the majority don’t fly either. These pests are commonly found in most gardens, as many species feed on decaying matter, live sprouts, and (rarely) some smaller insects. However, they do often find their way into homes in search of cool, damp areas, and often thrive under sinks, in cabinets, and in bathrooms where moisture might be found.

At Ridd Pest Control, our experienced pros can help you with high-quality, comprehensive earwig control solutions. From protective perimeters that keep these pests out to helping you eliminate enticing features that bring them in, we are your full-service solution to all of your pest problems. No more worrying about these small, slithering bugs interrupting your day to day life—when you put your property in our hands, we’ll make sure you enjoy a comfortable and pest-free life. We customize our treatments to each home, and we offer exceptional value thanks to our ongoing commitment to utilizing the best in eco-friendly pest products.

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How to Eliminate Earwigs

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of earwigs is to eliminate their hiding places. During the early morning hours, earwigs can often be found beneath cushions and other things that have been left outside overnight. Earwigs are typically in search of cover and protection, and they are frequently drawn to damp or moist areas like puddles on patios and standing water that may have been left behind by dew or sprinklers. Yards with heavy-used irrigation systems will often have larger populations of earwigs, as well as yards with larger gardens or extensive amounts of flower and plant life.

The secret to keeping earwigs out of your home is simple: get rid of the features that attract them and they’ll disappear on their own. Earwigs are drawn first and foremost to moisture, and that means standing water or areas that are frequently wet will often see increased earwig populations. Lawns that are frequently watered or that have extra-wet soil will also have this issue. Second, earwigs are constantly searching for some form of cover. If you head out to your patio in the morning and move something that was left there overnight, you’ll probably find at least a couple of earwigs hiding beneath it. This is particularly true for anything that may have been left in an area that’s lit.

Treat Your Earwig Problem with Professional Preventive Measures

The easiest and most effective way to keep earwigs out of your home is to place a protective barrier around your home’s exterior. At Ridd Pest Control, we utilize the latest and greatest in eco-friendly barrier products to keep earwigs and plenty of other pests away. We find where these bugs get into your home and use our state-of-the-art tools and techniques to apply a treatment product that eliminates these bugs before they can get inside. You’ll enjoy a safer, cleaner, and less stressful home when you aren’t being frequently surprised by the appearance of an earwig or other unexpected pest.

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