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Fleas and ticks are two types of pests that are most prominently known when it comes to pet owners. Both of these obnoxious insects feed on blood, and thus they need a host to sustain them. Furry animals like dogs, cats, and small rodents are a perfect host, as they have a great supply of blood and their fir provides protection, shelter, and camouflage from potential predators. That means dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of these tiny critters might have found their way into your home without you even realizing it, and from there they can grow, multiply, and become a huge problem for you as well as for your furry family members.

Ridd Pest Control offers a wide range of solutions to tick and flea problems of all different types. We understand flea and tick behavior, and we work quickly to eliminate your issue to the best of our ability. When you’re looking for the itching to stop, we offer total peace of mind thanks to effective, strong, and comprehensive solutions using industry-proven products. And we stand by every service we provide, giving you peace of mind of knowing that your home is in good hands. Whether you’re in the middle of a frustrating flea problem or you are looking for help with protecting your home from an ongoing war against fleas and ticks, trust our team of skilled industry professionals to make sure you are protected at all times.

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Fighting Off Your Flea Invasion

Fleas are famous for two things: their tendency to make our fuzzy friends extraordinarily itchy and their uncanny ability to leap into the air. Often growing no larger than a tiny fraction of an inch, fleas can easily blend into nearly any type of fur, including dog, cat, and other types of mammal fur. Once inside, they often cling to their host, using them as a plentiful source for their preferred food: blood. Their bites can be painful and cause endless itching for our pets. However, they don’t only bite animals—they have been known to feast on humans too, and can cause obnoxiously itchy welts that look a lot like small spider or mosquito bites.

How are fleas able to latch on to their host? Fleas can often be found in things like overgrown shrubbery and unkempt landscape. That means natural areas ungroomed backyards might be a massive source of fleas. For example, if you take a walk in a wooded area with your dog and they choose to roll around in the dirt and shrubs, there’s a chance they could pick up a few fleas in the process. Fleas also exacerbate this issue with their ability to leap onto a host thanks to their powerful back legs. In fact, fleas have the ability to jump so high that it would be essentially equal to a human jumping as high as a skyscraper building straight up, or over six football fields in length.

Taking Out Ticks Wherever They Hide

Much like fleas, ticks are also know for being a nuisance to our pets, but they too can be a huge problem for humans. Unlike fleas, ticks are prolific disease carriers, and they have been known to carry conditions including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. A tick bite can be more than just uncomfortable—it can lead to serious health problems. Thus, taking care of a tick issue as soon as possible is vital for your health and the health of your furry family members.

We offer solutions for all types of ticks, including commonly found varieties like:

  • American dog ticks
  • Brown dog ticks

At Ridd Pest Control, we offer effective protection against tick problems and assistance with eliminating any infestations that may have entered your home. We also offer tick protection in your outdoor spaces, including helping you spot tick-supporting conditions and treating any areas that might be prone to housing waiting ticks.

Looking to protect your property from pesky fleas and ticks? Contact Ridd Pest Control to get started today.

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