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If you have ever had a nice day out interrupted by flies, you know how annoying these small, buzzing creatures can be. Flies are attracted to almost anything that could serve as a food source for them, including almost any type of food, spoiled or not. Flies tend to reproduce quickly, get into things they shouldn’t be, and are typically a serious nuisance that can cause frustration. However, if they are allowed to get out of hand, they can become a problem that simply doesn’t seem to go away. If your home has been overwhelmed or overrun by flies, Ridd Pest Control is the name to call for effective services that wipe out your fly problem for good.

Whether you’re dealing with flies indoors or out, Ridd Pest Control can help. Each of our skilled pest experts can get to the bottom of your fly problem and implement a strategy that eliminates them for good. Whether you’re dealing with a serious invasion from a nest in your home or you’re looking to cut down on the number of buzzing pests found outside your home, our treatments have been shown to be effective in both the short and long term. And we stand by every service we provide, meaning we’ll make things right if you aren’t happy with any part of what we do.

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Why Flies Are Such a Problem

Flies may not seem like that big of an issue, but they are also one of the most frustrating and obnoxious problems to have. Flies don’t bite, they’re generally small and easy to ignore, and for the most part they don’t do anything more than buzz around and sometimes land on you or buzz in your face. So it might seem a little far-fetched to suggest that flies may be the source of some serious health problems for your home.

However, flies are notorious pests for what they are capable of. Flies are well-known scavengers, and they are famous for consuming dead, rotting debris. This can include things lie rotten food, dead animals, dung, and even trash that they might find in your bins. These are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria, and flies frequently pick up these harmful organisms when they land on this decaying matter. When they fly away and move on, landing on your summer picnic food, they could leave some of these bacteria behind, causing you to become ill.

Ridd Pest Control offers solutions for all types of common flies, including:

  • Common house flies
  • Drain flies
  • Bottle flies
  • Fruit flies
  • Gnats

Flies are particularly frustrating because they can reproduce quickly, creating a swarm that can overrun a space. When something that attracts flies is present (such as a particularly odorous bag of rotting food in your trash bins), then flies will come from all around to investigate for themselves. This causes the problem to spiral out of control quickly, and can lead to your property being overrun by flies in a hurry.

Outdoor Fly Prevention & Treatments

Flies are a problem both indoors and outdoors, but dealing with flies outdoors is often the first step to preventing them from becoming a problem indoors as well. By repelling and eliminating flies outdoors as well as taking a few steps to keep potential fly problems as far away from your home as possible, you will see a considerable decrease in the number of flies that find their way inside.

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