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As our customer, you deserve nothing short of the finest service available, and we recognize that this level of quality is what you demand. Our goal is to be more than just a service provider—we want to be a partner you depend on for help with some of the most difficult challenges you experience as a homeowner.

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Whether you're dealing with rodents, insects, or even arachnids, a pest infestation can make you feel uncomfortable and afraid in your own home. Pests also create unsanitary conditions, and when an infestation gets out of control, your home and your family's safety may be at risk.

Fortunately, Ridd Pest Control is here to provide the support you need. We offer pest control in Miami, FL backed by skill and experience. Our technicians are committed to finding customized solutions to fit your needs. Our whole team is fully trained, licensed, and insured, and we pride ourselves on making long-lasting relationships with homeowners in our community. With our customer first approach, you can count on us to receive honest, upfront rates on every single service. And each job comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee—so there's no reason not to call our Miami pest control pros today!

What Others are Saying

This was our first pest treatment with RIDD. We've had 2 other pest control companies and RIDD is far and away the best! [Our technician] was on time, professional and thorough! He went above and beyond. He sent us a text before he arrived, when he arrived and after he finished. He explained everything he did and took photos of what he did and included a few of our caterpillars to show that they weren't harmed. We protect our caterpillars and bees. He added a notation in our account to be careful not to harm them! He is fantastic! Thank you RIDD. We look forward to continuing our service with you!!

Linda B.

Incredible. Very professional, took care of everything that was needed. He was very good at communicating and did an excellent job at treating the home!

Jace S.

Great service, we have needed multiple treatments to treat our issue and ridd is quick to get us scheduled and taken care of. [Our technician] is professional and always keeps us updated on time of visits.

Mary P.

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Eave Sweep

Eave Sweep

Our RIDD Pros treat the eaves and window sills of your home with a large Webster pole that extends up to 25 feet to get to hard-to-reach areas where wasps, spiders, and other bugs nest. This also ensures your home looks bug-free!

Barrier Spray

Barrier Spray

We do a 6-foot power spray around the foundation of your home. We treat 3 feet up and 3 feet out with a water-resistant product to keep your home bug-free regardless of the weather!



We use a spreader to place a granular bait 10-15 feet around the home. This barrier acts like a moat to keep bugs from nesting near your home!

Mosquito Fog

Mosquito Fog

With our mosquito program, our service pros fog the entire property, leaving a thin mist of product on shrubs, foliage, and grass to reduce tick, flea, and mosquito activity! This way you can enjoy your yard!

Crack & Crevice

Crack & Crevice

We use a handheld pump to treat any cracks, crevices, & gaps around the foundation of the home with a dust which helps prevent bugs from nesting in the foundation and working their way inside.

Yard Inspection

Yard Inspection

Our Pest Experts thoroughly inspect the property for any signs of activity on your property. They also educate on any helpful tips and tricks for decreasing pest activity on your property!

Pest Experts

Pest Experts

All of our service pros are properly licensed, trained, & background checked in order to provide you with the best of the best!

Pest Control You Can Count On

Got a Problem? We can eliminate it, guaranteed!

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Our Miami Pest Control Services

At Ridd Pest Control, we understand that no two homes are alike, and no two pest problems are alike either. That's why we work to find customized solutions for every homeowner we serve. Whether your house is large or small, whether you're dealing with a minor pest problem or full-on infestation, and whether you need exclusion, extermination, or removal, our experts have what it takes to get the job done right. We also use safe, eco-friendly products, so you never have to worry about the well-being of your pets and other family members. And best of all, we strive to get every service done quickly, so your house can return to normal ASAP.

Contact Our Miami Pest Control Team at Ridd Pest Control Today For:

Ant Control

Ants are not to be underestimated, despite their small size. Ants' antennae can detect food from far away, and they can lift objects many times their body weight. While a few ants might not seem like a problem, these pests will keep on coming once they have found an available food source, so call a professional if you see a lot of them on your property.

Spider Control

Spider season typically occurs in early fall, after spiders have gone inside to mate. Watch out for these arachnids in dark, dank corners of your house, and if you notice an uptick of spider webs or eggs, contact a pest control technician before things get out of control.

Tick & Flea Control

Teas and flicks can affect people and pets alike. Fleas will bite multiple times once they have found an available food source, while ticks will suck the blood of a host for weeks if not removed. Watch out for strange behavior in your pets, as this is often a sign that fleas have jumped onto your animals, and try to wear long sleeves when you go out in wooded areas to prevent tick bites.

Flea Control

Getting rid of even one fly can be hard, much less a whole infestation. Try to keep your home as sanitary as possible to prevent flies from buzzing around, and if you do find that these insects just keep coming, consider hiring a professional to get to the bottom of the issue.

Scorpion Control

Scorpions are already dangerous arachnids, and when they infest your home, you can end up with a real nightmare on your hands. That's why you should always call for pest control at the first sighting of a scorpion.

Earwig Control

Earwigs are not harmful to people, but they do emit a foul odor when disturbed. These insects are usually found outside, so you will want to pay especially close watch for them in your garden.

Aphid Control

Aphids are small sap-sucking insects that can create a ton of problems for your garden and yard. While it is easy enough to kill a few aphids by just spraying them with a hose, you will most likely need to hire a pest control company to deal with an infestation.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are not only annoying insects that can ruin your summer with their nasty bites, they also carry diseases like Zika and West Nile virus that are extremely dangerous. Try to mitigate the amount of moisture outside your home to prevent mosquito infestations, as these blood-suckers will flock to anywhere there is a lot of water.

Wasp Control

While extremely important for the environment, the sting of even one wasp can be fatal for someone who is allergic. Wasps are even aggressive and territorial, they can sting you more than once. That's why as soon as you see a wasp hive in or outside of your property, it is imperative that you call for pest control.

Rodent Control

Not quite standard pest control and not quite wildlife control either, rodent control requires a very specific set of skills. Rats and mice are crafty creatures that can fit through even the smallest spaces, and will reproduce quickly once they have found an available shelter and food source. Signs of a rodent infestation to watch out for on your property include scurrying sounds coming from your walls or attic, gnaw marks on furniture and wooden objects, contaminated food, electrical problems from chewing on wires, strange smells from urine or small black droppings, and live or dead rat and mice sightings.

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Is Pest Control Worth it in Florida?

Pest control in Florida and any other state is worth it for your home or business. Having pest control services done can help your family stay safe, ensure quality workplace for employers, and help give a good experience for customers.

Our Miami Pest Control Company Gets the Job Done

At Ridd Pest Control, we are committed to providing affordable and efficient pest control for everyone who hires us. That's why we offer free estimates, so you can feel completely confident before you commit to service. With a reputation for delivering satisfaction in Miami and beyond, you can rely on our licensed service providers to go above and beyond to deliver complete satisfaction every time. Plus, with $75 off your first appointment, now is the perfect time to call our pros at Ridd Pest Control.

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