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Pest Control Orlando, FL

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Do you have a bad pest or rodent problem? Looking for a pest control company that uses safe, non-toxic products? Need to get the job done ASAP but still want to stay within your budget? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Ridd Pest Control offers quality pest control from trained professionals. Our Orlando exterminators are fully licensed and insured to deliver nothing but the very best service. Our work is completely safe and eco-friendly, so you never have to worry about the well-being of your pets, children, or anyone else in your household.

Why Choose Our Orlando Pest Control Services

Our pest control team strives to form long-lasting relationships in our community, going above and beyond to get the job done quickly. With our customer-first approach to pest control and treatment, you can trust us to provide upfront and open rates on every single service. And with free estimates to get you started, there's never a wrong reason to call our Orlando pest control experts at Ridd Pest Control!

Please look at our pest control reviews to see what customers have to say and see why we are Orlando's most trusted pest control company.

Contact our Orlando Pest Control team today at (321) 320-6280.

Rat Control in Orlando, Florida

Homeowners want to get rid of rodents quickly when it comes to Orlando pest control. In Orlando, Ridd Pest Control provides fast, effective extermination of rats, mice, and other rodents.

It is likely that more mice and rats are hiding on your property if you've seen even one mouse or rat. Because of this, it's crucial that you call us as soon as you notice a rodent problem. To help ward off future infestations, our rodent control services include determining where rats or mice are entering your home, as well as setting baited traps.

What to Know About Rodents in Your Orlando Home

Your Orlando, Florida, home may have rodents. Here's what you need to know:

Rats Threaten Your Home

Besides being an unpleasant nuisance, mice, rats, and other rodents can carry diseases and damage your home. Cables and electrical wiring have even been chewed through by them, causing house fires.

Signs of Rodent Problems

Since rats and mice are very good at hiding, it's important to recognize their presence. If you store or prepare food in your kitchen, you may see droppings. Check dry food packaging for signs of chewing, such as holes. Additionally, check the wiring and attic spaces for signs of chewing. A nest or movement, especially after dark, can also be a sign.

Preventing Rodents

Cut off the food supply you're unknowingly providing them as a first line of defense. Maintain a clean kitchen by wiping crumbs off countertops and appliances promptly; store grains, cereals, and other dry goods in airtight containers that are chew-proof; and empty pet bowls before feeding them.

Eliminate Entry

You should also check each entry point to your home, since some rodents can fit through a quarter-inch opening. Check your chimney, roof vents, attic, and utility entry points to ensure rats and mice cannot enter your house. Keep shrubs and tree branches away from your house to eliminate the "highways" rodents can use.

Keep Your Space Clean

The droppings and urine of rodents in your home can be harmful for those with allergies, even if they are not disease carriers. Wear gloves, a mask, and goggles when cleaning up after a rat problem to avoid breathing in rat droppings or dust that is contaminated.

Benefits of Orlando Pest Control

There are numerous benefits associated with hiring a professional Orlando pest control company. For starters, hiring a professional exterminator can help you protect you from damage to your home, health, or lawn.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring professional pest control exterminators:

  • Expertise - Professionals have extensive knowledge of different pests & how to remove them from your home safely.
  • Cost - Exterminators work quickly and efficiently, which can save you money in property damage. DIY solutions aren't always the most cost-effective in the long run.
  • Health & Safety - Professional pest control companies know how to safely remove pests from your home with a variety of products that don't harm your family or pets.
  • Saving Your Time - By hiring a professional pest exterminator, you're getting time back to spend with friends or family.
  • Peace of Mind - Professionals know how to get the job done, so you don't need to spend time worrying about whether the pests are actually gone.

Our Orlando exterminators at Ridd Pest Control are available by phone at (833) 378-0537.

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  • Experience & Expertise
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  • “We are very happy with the work done and that we immediately confirm.”

    - Eduardo D.
  • “Also, they didn’t just seal up my foundation but they treated the whole yard for my ants. Technician was so nice. For sure a 10/10.”

    - Mackenzie H.

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High-Quality Orlando Pest Control Services

No one likes having to deal with pests problem. It can be a trying, time-consuming experience, and the toll it takes on the whole family is often significant. That’s why Ridd Pest Control is here to be your go-to partner in all things pest-related. We always work quickly to help you get back to your everyday life as soon as possible. Our exterminators promise to work tirelessly from minor problems to significant infestations to ensure all pests are eliminated from your property. Our pest control team is trained to handle homes big and small and stay up-to-date on all the latest, industry-leading techniques. Whether you’re looking for exclusion, extermination, removal, or cleanup, our mission is to be there from the first step to the last, so you never feel alone in this experience.

Our Orlando pest control and treatment options include:

Signs of a Pest Infestation in Orlando

Are you wondering whether you actually have a pest control problem? There are a couple of signs that you can look out for that signify that you have a pest infestation and are best off consulting a professional pest exterminator in Orlando.

Some of these signs include the following:

  • Pest Droppings: These could include snail, slug, mice, rat, squirrel, lizard droppings, or termite droppings. They are typically dark in color; however, their shape and size may vary depending on the pest responsible.
  • Property Damage: Have you noticed damage on your wooden property? Such as your cabinets or furniture? This could be a sign of a termite infestation
  • Chewed or Scratch Marks: If your electrical wiring chewed up? Are there scratch marks or holes on your walls? These could all b signs of a rodent infestation on your property.
  • Dead Bugs and Shells: Bugs will typically leave trails of shells or carcasses. If you notice shells of dead bugs (such as a pile of dead ants, or discarded wings), it's a sign of a pest infestation.
  • Ant Trails: Ants are most commonly found in the kitchen or in your dining areas. Where there is one ant, there is a colony of ant that is very likely to emerge, if the infestation is left unnoticed.
  • Nesting or Breeding Signs: Nesting or breeding signs can include things like nests, hives, or ant holes.
  • Fur Patches: Fur patches are a definite sign of rodents in your home.
  • Odd Sounds: Sounds such as scampering, squeaking, scratching, or shrieking are all signs of rodents in your home. In the case of a rat or mice infestation, these sounds will typically be heard from your attics or basements.
  • Piles of Sawdust: Signs of sawdust are typically signs of a termite infestation. They could also be signs of carpenter bees or beetles.
  • Unpleasant smells: If there is a musty odor in your home, it may mean that you have a rodent infestation. Mice or rats will typically exert this musty urine-like odor. Bed bugs can also have a musty odor.

What's really great about professional pest control services is that they are able to completely eliminate the source of the problem. For example, let's say that you have an ant infestation in your home. Rather than using bug spray to eliminate the visible ants, our exterminators will be able to find the source of the problem and eliminate the ant colony entirely. This way, you can rest assured that your home is entirely pest-free, and won't have to worry about pests returning to your home or on your property. Contact our pest control team in Orlando today, and let us remove all types of pests from your home, quickly and effectively.

Get Effective Rodent Control in Orlando

Are you looking for professional assistance in Orlando? Our pest management team of experts has the tools and experience necessary to take care of any rodent infestation!

We can help with the following:

  • Rat control
  • Mice control
  • Vole control

Rodent control is unlike other pest control services. In some ways, it’s closer to wildlife control, in that you are dealing with wild animals rather than insects. However, rodents are insidious creatures, with remarkable adaptability. This makes it extremely hard to get rid of infestations without the assistance of a professional.

Fortunately, our experts at Ridd Pest Control have the tools and knowledge needed to take care of rodent infestations with minimal hassle. We know how to detect rats, mice, voles, and more, and we promise to get to work right away to ensure your home is rodent-free ASAP. Make sure to watch out for signs of a rodent infestation, including scurrying sounds coming from your walls or attic, gnaw marks on furniture and wooden objects, contaminated food, electrical problems from chewing on wires, strange smells from urine or small black droppings, as well as visible rat and mice sightings. And don’t hesitate to call immediately if you see even one rodent, as these pests reproduce quickly and can cause a ton of damage virtually wherever they go.

Signs of a rodent infestation include the following:

    • You notice that your pets are acting unusually
    • You notice chew marks on your belongings or your home's wires
    • You notice rodent droppings
    • There are small holes on your walls or on material
    • You hear scampering, gnawing noises, or scratching
    • There are grease marks or streaks on surfaces
    • You notice tiny rodent tracks
    • Unpleasant odors in your home (usually rotting or musky smells)
    • You or your family members are experiencing allergies within your home

    If you notice any of the signs above, we highly encourage you to contact our professional pest control experts as soon as possible to get the situation inspected and properly taken care of. Leaving a rodent infestation unnoticed can lead to further damage and possibly the multiplication of rodents within your home.

    Our Orlando Pest Control Team Is Here for You

    At Ridd Pest Control, we never settle for anything less than 100% customer satisfaction. We are known in Orlando and beyond for delivering exceptional results, and our friendly pest control technicians truly care about every homeowner they serve. Call now to get $75 off your first service, and let Ridd Pest Control get rid of your pest problem today.

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